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Good Time to Join RSorder Pandora’s Box Promo for 450M Free rs 3 gold Oct. 22

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This is our fantastic, month-long event for both free cheap runescape gold and member worlds, encapsulating all the drama and emotions from Hallowe’en, and delivering a hefty boot up the arse as the intensity escalates to a glorious conclusion.What’s the story then? Well, initially an innocent looking sinkhole appears outside Draynor Village, and Moia, the Zamorokian general and daughter of Lucien, has turned up to investigate.
RS Fans!Happy to Join in 2018 RSorder Pandora’s Box for Free 450M RS gold,138M RS07 Gold &Up to $12,000 cash coupons or jokes here At 3:00 a.m. GMT Oct. 22, 2018!
That weird tainted shard item you found in your inventory a few days back? Well, that’s used to gather charges to help with the event, but while you’re off doing that, the sinkhole explodes and traps Moia, releasing powerful enemies, most of which have been previously entombed inside Daemonheim.
Whilst earning slayer XP and killing the enemies as they plough out of the rift, pillars throb around the void, changing in function regularly, requiring you to use different skills on each pillar to keep the void at bay. You’ll earn XP as you do so, but the threat levels of the enemies raise, ultimately requiring some significant outside help to deal with things. So let’s introduce… the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
These guys will be on hand to lend a helping claw, or bone, to avoid a catastrophe. You know all about Death, of course. Next up is War, dragged back out of comfy retirement to bring his considerable power to the battle. Pestilence follows – a human, cursed with lycanthropy and forced to stay in his wolf form, otherwise he’ll be overwhelmed by disease and die instantly. Avoid his fleas and his crazy frog-bow-thing. Finally we can see Famine at the back – believe it or not that’s an aviansie. Thrown out to die by her peers, she exacted her revenge by poisoning the food stores of her home village, killing everyone who knew her, and barely batting an eyelid about it.
Each Horseman can be triggered like a powerup, causing powerful effects like spawning War’s weapons rack, using his javelins to rain down sweet justice, or Pestilence’s cauldron of bile. Nice. Thank Guthix that they are on your side. This time…With Moia still trapped inside and the threat level escalating, one final fight remains at the end, but I won’t spoil that for you. Trust me, it’s worth checking it out.
What do you earn for this glorious, month long Hallowe’en extravaganza? Well, there’s access to a special loot cave filled with goodies, including cosmetic overrides for your weapons, mimicking those of the Riders. There’s also a plethora of transformation animations and plenty of XP. The lore-hounds amongst you should know that this event is another part of this years ‘hidden’ narrative…
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