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for $ 60 Blizzard has not confirmed


´╗┐This fight is divided into multiple stages; obviously we did multistage before battles, where it’s like, oh, you fight Onyxia on the floor, got up in the air, and this kind of thing. But it really is broader than that. You can fight against Deathwing in multiple locationsfor example, and fight with Deathwing begins at Wyrmrest Temple, leading to the slave with Deathwing Dragon Soul damage, and at this point is to escape. Catch up with him in paramilitary drop and especially in the back, and then fight back, taking off armor and things like leaves. Finally I fight to the ground near the Maelstrom, the final: Taking a damaged copy Deathwing in a rage, and this is a big part of the final meeting. See how it looks good Alexstrasza? We imagine it will be cooler Deathwing 10X (provided they do not actively kill us). PCG: So you are using the auto mechanics in that battle t structure?. All are different cases that are either waiting or walking through the puerta, and http://www.mmotank.com that sort of thing. PCG: One of my favorite parts of the former leaders of raid dragons was how I would be able to take the head of the city, crying his platoon leader about how wonderful you are, and get to put your head on a pike for all to see. Let’s get the same sort of thing with Deathwing? TC: We are planning to do this kind of thing. We are still in the process of deciding how to go to work. PCG: Do you have any specific Deathwing the powers that use new fighting mechanics? Or is it more about this new development to change the location? TC: Deathwing certainly has a large number of new mechanisms of combat and all this kind of things you see any new raid boss. I would say that each piece separately from those traditional battle to a reasonable extent, in terms of standard types of mechanical raid we use. No wimpy things whatever.Last car or years, Blizzard has announced that the world of gamers who buy cans Draenor warlords expansion could boost a character to level 90 for free, and they will sell more strengthens against an undisclosed amount. In the last week, patch 5.4.7 was launched in North America, and the players saw service in-game store for $ 60 Blizzard has not confirmed that this is the final price, but said today that he did not wants to devalue the completion of liquidation. ‘ In terms of prices, and frankly, much of which is not to devalue the termination of the agreement and said ‘World of Warcraft is designed to meet the initiative Hazzikostas Eurogamer ions. He added: ‘If our goal is to sell as many as possible improvement is possible, we can reduce the price or more thatmake $ 10 or something. After almost anyone leveling a new character. We have noted this problem when we first heard the price of $ 60. On the one hand, Blizzard probably want to get players with multiple characters to the end of the content of the game faster without having to resort to third party settlement services.

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